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About us

Samhams Technologies Provides Automatic Flying Crafts And Services In The Areas Of Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance.

Our Mission

Our Objective Is To Become One Of The Main Game Changer In The Future World. We Want To Be Technical Revolutionary And Have Been Taking Part In To Various Recently Glimpsing Fields.

Our Vision

Our Vision Is To Become An Origin Of The Worldwide Drone Circle.


Direct Your Cognition Into Corporate Cosmos

Business Guidance

Samhams Technologies provide consultancy services to set up a business about this cutting edge technology.

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Operational Guidance

Crash proof operation of Drones depends upon several Human factors. This domain divulges Mathematics behind different modes during operations.

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Drones and robotics are the backbone of modern grade education system. Our knowledge is waste if we are unable to meet global demand.

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A fully autonomous craft is easily portable & deployable. Its Auto Analyzer function reduces the time period to analyze the flight parameters for getting more reliability in operations.
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Meet Our Pioneers

Shaik Sameer Ahamed
Bachelor degree in Aeronautical engineering
Specialty : 3D Modeling & Analysis
Served as : Design Engineer
Significant Research component : Pulse Jet Engine, High Speed Jet Engine

Abul Kalam Khan
Managing Director
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance
MAAMTC Certifications : Airframe, Jet Engines, Aircraft Systems
Experienced Aircrafts: Super King Air B200, Bell 407 Helicopter
Served as : U.A.V Technical Engineer
Significant Research component : Interceptor Drone
Publication : Advanced Drone Technology

Mirza Jahangeer Baig
Marketing Manager
Bachelor degree in Aerospace engineering
Significant Research component : Fixed Wing U.A.V
Domain: Design & Analysis, Digital Marketing,
Performing the tasks of obtaining market information including customer needs, competitive analysis & market data to develop product line strategies.

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