Our Areas of Drone Application

Cinematography is the photography of moving pictures, and one of the most revolutionary changes in the technology of cinematography is the move from analog to digital film. In turn, one of the most exciting uses of digital cinematography is aerial drone cinematography.

aerial photography

rescue operation

Rescue Operations
Drones have already been used with notable success in other areas, such as earthquake relief.Despite the fact that using drones has proved successful in search-and-rescue operations

Aerial drones provides low elevation Photogrammetry and 3D imagery of large scale projects with accuracy and resolution that otherwise would be very costly with traditional aerial survey or satellites.


traffic monitoring

Traffic monitoring
Aerial Security and Aerial Surveillance allows the user to monitor traffic, gain multi-angle information, detect poachers and assist with all security related.

Forest Inspection
Monitoring regeneration can be labor intensive and expensive, making it difficult to know whether conservation efforts have been successful But Drones Could Make Forest Conservation Monitoring Significantly Cheaper.

 forest inspection  

pipe line

Pipeline Inspection
A safe and efficient solution to your issues is the employment of drones to perform inspection of high voltage lines, infrastructure, wind turbines and pipelines.

Stadium events
To give you the best possible view of your stadium and has been the home to some high-flying action before, but nothing ever

stadium inspection

Many More Applications

Railway track inspection
U.A.V Tracking
Pollution Monitoring
Solar Panel Inspection
Rescue Operations
Land Inspections

Coastline surveillance
Forest Inspection
Aerial Surveillance
Oil Spill Tracking
Poaching Patrolling

Dam Inspection
Metro rail inspection
Power Line inspection
Customs & Boarder
Gas Plant Inspection
Autonomous soaring