Our Services

Business Guidance:

Samhams Technologies provide consultancy services to set up a business about this cutting edge technology. Our consultancy sheaf includes guidance for:-


Designing of Drones

ser2Manufacturing of Drones

ser4Marketing of Drones

ser3Clients & Tenders

Operational Guidance:

Crash proof operation of Drones depends upon several Human factors. This domain divulges Mathematics behind different modes during operations. Our Operational Guidance sheaf includes:-

service3Autofocus Surveillance


Reviewing in KML Format

service2Mission Planning

service5Mission Controlling


Drones and robotics are the backbone of modern grade education system. Our knowledge is waste if we are unable to meet global demand. Apart from commercial applications our educational domain, named “Experts Innovation” can deliver you practical experience of modern Autonomous Drone related gadgets:-


A fully autonomous craft is easily portable & deployable. Its Auto Analyzer function reduces the time period to analyze the flight parameters for getting more reliability in operations.