U.A.S Operator Training

• First Round: U.A.S Terminologies

• Second Round: Simulator Training

• Third Round: VTOL U.A.V Operating

• Fourth Round: Autonomous U.A.S Operating

 First Round:

Before operating any types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle aka Drone, a complete engineering view is necessary. So this initiative round includes:
• Mechanics of Flight
• Flight Parameters
• Data-Analysis
• Pre-flight Checks
• Post- flight Checks
• Normal Protocols
• Emergency Protocols
• Possible Reasons for Crash
• Wire-less communication
• Recovery

Second Round:

Our Second Round includes the simulator training, which minimize the accidental damage during Real time U.A.S operation. Second Round Includes:
• H.U.D Reading
• Sensors Status
• Flight data Auto-Analysis
• Flight Path investigation
• F.P.V Based Piloting
• Software training

Third Round:

After the completion of Flight simulator training, it’s time to go to field. This round includes:
• 30 Hours of VTOL UAV flight Training (Simplex Mode)

Fourth Round:

This Autonomous round sheaf includes:
• Pre-Flight Calibrations
• Checkups for Autonomous mission
• Way-Point Navigation
• Different types of Flying modes
• Flight Plan Investigation with Google Earth
• Duplex Mode Communication
• Communication Failure Protocols
• Auto Recovery
• 30 Hours of VTOL U.A.S Autonomous flying

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